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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm often amazed how many fans and members of the
media obsess over inconsequential players.
Juan Dixon was greeted with a hero's welcome at The
Palace last week. Huh? The guy is never going to play
meaningful minutes unless someone gets hurt. He
essentially replaced Flip "Inactive List" Murray, who
didn't play for over two months until he was released.
Now, there's speculation on who will be the PIstons'
"fifth big man" to replace the wondrous Primoz Brezec,
who was traded for Dixon. It'll probably be Dale
Davis, who kept a seat warm on the bench for the last
two years and hasn't played for anyone this season.
Joe Dumars is just waiting to see if any other
serviceable big man gets waived in the next day or two
before signing Davis.
So how much would the "fifth big man" contribute?
Virtually nothing, unless somebody gets hurt. Oh, it's
possible someone like Davis could come in handy if
they're playing Orlando in the postseason and both
Sheed and McDyess are in foul trouble but otherwise,
what's the point?
The P.J. Brown signing by the Celtics is a different
animal, since Brown might actually get rotation
minutes. He started against the Pistons in the
playoffs for the Bulls last season.
But as for guys like Gordan Giricek and Jamaal
Magloire getting bought out and heading to playoff
contenders, or free agents like Davis, it's simply
much ado about absolutely nothing.
By the way, I've got share this. I received an e-mail
Wednesday entitled "OSU Basketball Great Greg Oden
Endorses Barack Obama."
In the immortal words of Fred McLeod, "You've Gotta Be
Kiddin' Me!"
Since when did the endorsement of a 20-year-old
basketball player carry any weight in the presidential
election? I'm all for young people exercising their
right and duty to vote and getting involved in the
political process but to issue a press release
breathlessly announcing Oden's endorsement of a
candidate is laughable.
I have enough trouble with other politicians,
talk-show hosts, celebrities, unions and yes, even
newspapers, making an endorsement, let alone an
athlete who isn't old enough to drink. How about
making up your own mind based on the issues and
ability of a candidate to do the job, rather than
listening to some celebrity tell you how to vote? And
shouldn't you have to stay in school for more than a
year before your greatness is celebrated?
By the way, I heartily endorse Dunkin' Donuts coffee
over Starbucks.


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