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Friday, February 15, 2008


A lot of the credit for the Pistons' gaudy record has
gone to their young, energetic bench. Flip Saunders
has a stable of young colts to call upon, led by Jason
Maxiell and Rodney Stuckey. But while youth is being
served, there's still a wily, old veteran lurking in
the shadows.
The plan all along was for Lindsey Hunter to take it
easy during the regular season, then spring him loose
in the postseason. Hunter played more than anticipated
in the first two months while Stuckey was recovering
from a fractured hand.
Since the New Year, Hunter has been out of sight and
out of mind. He's appeared in only one game and
recently, he hasn't even attended games because of an
Make no mistake - Hunter is still a big part of the
Pistons' playoff plan. Hunter is still a
difference-maker - he made game-changing plays in wins
over Boston and San Antonio. His defensive energy will
be invaluable against weary point guards who have
played nearly 100 games this season - just look what
happened to Chauncey Billups when the Cavs
double-teamed him during the conference finals last
Hunter will start playing again next month to get him
tuned up for the playoffs. The question is, who will
he be paired up with? Logic dictates that Arron
Afflalo will lose some playing time and that Hunter
and Stuckey will be the new Pit Bulls, though Affalo
and Hunter would make a fearsome defensive pairing,


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