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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


At this point of the season, who's the favorite to win
the NBA championship? According to,
no one in particular.
The latest future book line on the 2008 NBA Finals
champion reads like this - Boston Celtics 3-1; Dallas
Mavericks 3-1; Phoenix Suns 3-1; San Antonio 3-1.
That's right, four teams share the favorite's role.
That's why we should continue to see contenders make
deals to improve themselves over the next two-plus
weeks before the trade deadline passes. Without a
clearcut favorite, nearly everyone might do something
- even a minor bench move - to tweak their roster.
The Pistons, by the way, are next in line in the odds
at 9-2.
They probably won't make any significant moves, though
they could use anothe big body on the bench. I
wouldn't be completely surprised if they bring in
another shooter. They really only have one bench
player with that M.O. - Jarvis Hayes - and he's been
very inconsistent.


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