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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Just finished my power rankings and one thing strikes
me - it's amazing how many mediocre and just plain bad
teams there are, even in a league where the lottery
and free agency is supposed to promote parity.
After two months of the season, most teams in MLB and
the NFL still have something to play for. What do the
fans in Philly, New York, Milwaukee, Chicago,
Washington, Charlotte, Miami, LA (Clippers),
Sacramento, Minnesota, Seattle, Memphis and Houston
have to look forward to the next four months?
What's really telling is how the strong teams are just
blowing away the competition. Boston and the Pistons
have been winning in romps virtually every game;
Phoenix, San Antonio and the Lakers have also won at
least 11 games by double digits.
Bottom line as always: Good management, more than
anything, leads to winning. The execs running the show
in most NBA cities don't really have a vision; they
try to patch holes every year and don't have the
ability to uncover diamonds in the rough, as Joe
Dumars did while building his team.


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