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Thursday, November 8, 2007


I'm here in Chicago for the Pistons' game tonight and
I'm not really surprised by the Bulls' 0-4 start. The
Kobe trade talks and contract situations of Deng and
Gordon were bound to affect that team, at least in the
The numbers that really grab me are this - 6 in 117.
The first is the amount of defensive rebounds Ben
Wallace has made, the second is his minutes. That used
to be the amount he'd get in a half, or sometimes a
quarter. He's EIGHTH on the team in that category!
To be fair, Ben has been playing with a sore ankle.
But he used to post close to his usual numbers while
playing with nagging injuries all the time in Detroit.

Guys like Deng, Gordon and Hinrich will come around.
The biggest dilemma for Bulls coach Scott Skiles is
what to do with Wallace, who has become a $60 million
albatross for Chicago's franchise. Wallace used sheer
will, great instincts and wondrous athleticism to
become the league's most dominant defender. He's lost
some of that athleticism, and without it, he's no
longer a special player.
The Bulls have young, frontcourt colts like Tyrus
Thomas and Joakim Noah chomping at the bit for more
PT. Does Skiles go with the young guys or stick with
the team's highest-paid player? Skiles' decision on
that topic could determine how far Chicago goes this


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