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Thursday, October 18, 2007


If it doesn't happen in training camp, it will happen
in a couple of months. Or just before the trade
deadline in February. Or maybe it will stretch into
the summer, like the Kevin Garnett saga.
It's inevitable that the Lakers' brass will reaching a
breaking point with Kobe Bryant's whining and mood
swings and get the best package possible for him.
All signs point to Bryant heading to either Chicago or
Dallas, though I don't know if either needs him to
make the Finals. The East is so wide open right now,
there are 6 or 7 teams who could run the playoff
gauntlet to the championship round. Chicago, which
finally won a playoff series last season, has the
personnel and experience to break through without
making a major move.
The Mavs were victims of Warriors Mania last season
but they're still neck-and-neck with San Antonio and
Phoenix as the top contenders in the West. Why would
then want to mess with their chemistry? Well, you
never know what Cuban might do to get that elusive
As for the Pistons, Bryant probably wouldn't waive his
no-trade clause to come to Detroit. And the Pistons'
package would probably have to include Rip and Tay,
for starters.
It's not out of the realm of possibility but the
Pistons believe they're still prime contenders with
what they have. If they struggle the first half of the
season, that thinking could change. But by then, Kobe
may have already been shipped to his next team.


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