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Monday, May 21, 2007


Obviously, the LeBron-Tayshaun matchup will be the one
most watched in this series but the guards and the
sixth men will be just as important.
For some reason, Chauncey Billups has shot a low
percentage against the Cavs in the last two seasons. I
see that changing in this series and the Pistons have
to love the Rip Hamilton-Sasha Pavlovic matchup.
Pavlovic will hit a few perimeter shots but Hamilton
should be dynamic offensively, especially if Chris
Webber gets the ball more often. Hamilton plays off of
Webber better than anyone else on the team.
I also have to believe Antonio McDyess will get it
together offensively in this series. He shot very well
against the Cavs in the regular season.
Anderson Varejao is a pivotal player for Cleveland.
When he's a big factor, the whole team picks up its
That said, does anyone actually see the Cavs winning
this series? Personnel-wise, they're just not ready to
beat the Pistons.


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