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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Interesting how the Chicago press has spun this
Beforehand, most of them predicted the Bulls would win
the series. Now, they're saying 'Nice season. Let's
get it over with as soon as possible.' If the Pistons
were down 3-0, Fllp Saunders and Rasheed Wallace would
be getting roasted over the coals by the Detroit
The only legit excuse the Bulls have is that Andres
Nocioni hasn't been himself. He's not close to 100
percent - Scott Skiles should bench him and give
energizer bunny Tyrus Thomas more minutes.
Whether the Pistons win this in 4 or 5, they're going
to have an extended break. The earliest the conference
finals could start is Monday, May 21. If the Cavs and
Nets got 7, the Pistons would be off until Wednesday,
May 23.


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