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Friday, May 11, 2007


Just got back from the Bulls' practice Friday
Maybe they can't figure out the Pistons' defense but
they sure know how to duck and run. The only Bulls
player who didn't shun the media was Ben Wallace and
Ben spewed a few cliches and short answers, then
walked away.
Scott Skiles spoke at length and seemed rather calm,
though stubborn might be the more approprate term. He
continues to say no drastic changes are necessary and
shrugs off the effects of Detroit's zone. if you're on
the Chicago side, this is no time to stay the course.
Doesn't matter. The only mystery is whether the
Pistons will sweep or whether the Bulls will win Game
4 before inevitably fading away upon returning to the
On the Pistons' side, one thing has been made
perfectly clear: Rasheed Wallace was holding back most
of the season. Remember when he called the regular
season boring?
It was put up or shut up time when the playoff bell
rang and Rasheed has responded with one ferocious
performance after another.


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