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Monday, May 7, 2007


Random observations heading in the Pistons-Bulls game Monday night:
1. Ben Gordon had a big series against the Heat because he didn't have to work as hard on defense as he will this series. Chauncey Billups ate up Gordon in Game 1; he can't check Richard Hamilton, either. I expect the Bulls to run a lot more traps and play more zone in order to protect their defensive liabilities.
2. It didn't matter, but Chris Webber had a quiet Game 1. I've got to believe Billups will try to get the ball to Webber early to get his center going.
3. When the individual matchups were drawn up, some of the Chicago writers gave their bench the edge over the Pistons' reserves. Huh? There were real questions about Detroit's depth last year. This year, the bench has at times outplayed the starters. Delfino-McDyess-Maxiell-Murray-Hunter are a handful for a lot of teams' starting fives and the opening-night starter at center (Mohammed) is the 12th man.
4. TV's infatuation with LeBron is sickening. Did you notice that if the Pistons' series goes the limit, there will be 3 days off between Games 6 and 7, with Game 7 being played on a Monday night? Meanwhile, the Cavs would play a potential Game 7 vs. New Jersey on Sunday afternoon, even though that series started later.
Why? The networks would rather show LeBron on the Sunday stage, instead of a Game 7 between two traditional rivals. Or maybe they were just doing me a favor so I wouldn't miss my softball game on Sunday the 20th.


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