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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


We've past the midway point of Pistons training camp
and this much is clear: Even with competition for some
reserve spots, it's painful to watch these preseason
The veterans aren't going full out, they're just
trying to avoid injury. Unfortunately, Richard
Hamilton didn't. He sprained his ankle against Denver
Sunday. Coincidentally, he played 18 minutes and
didn't take a shot. Maybe it's true what they say -
you're more susceptible to injury when you're not
going full speed.
The biggest negative has been Amir Johnson's inability
to play, also because of an ankle sprain. Johnson,
according to Flip Saunders, will need a crash course
at the end of camp to get up to speed. I don't think
it will cost him a rotation spot, though. Joe Dumars
didn't sign him for three years this summer to just
sit on the bench.


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