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Monday, December 3, 2007


When Rodney Stuckey finally gets his rookie season
started, Flip Saunders will have a pleasant dilemma
regarding his backcourt rotation.
Arron Afflalo has been solid defensively while not
trying to do too much offensively. Flip Murray, when
he hasn't tried to fatten his stats during garbage
time of his contract year, has done a pretty solid job
running the point. Lindsey Hunter has been a major
defensive factor in the first half of recent games.
So where does Stuckey fit in? Let's put it this way -
those other guys are going to be scrounging for
minutes very soon. The Pistons' staff and brass loves
Stuckey and believes he was the top point guard in the
draft. Once he gets settled in, he'll be playing no
less than 15 minutes and perhaps as much 25. That
doesn't leave much for everybody else on the bench.
Other quick observations:
1. My, my, how the mighty Heat have fallen. Miami just
kept waiting for Dwyane Wade to come back and pull
them out of their misery but even Wade can't wipe away
all of their blemishes. I'm just waiting for Pat Riley
to announce he's sick or needs another operation, so
he can go into hiding while Ron Rothstein does all the
grunt work.
2. Why do people keep saying the Suns are offering
Marion and Barbosa for Bryant? I don't see how that
works for the Suns. Who's going to do all the dirty
work that Marion does if they trade him?
3. The Cavs are doing a great job building LeBron
James' campaign as league MVP by playing putridly
without him.


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