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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Flip Saunders says he met with Joe Dumars on Tuesday
and they mutually decided to give Amir Johnson a
chance to play regularly.
There are plenty of logical reasons for that - the
three main big men on the team have been dragging
physically and/or mentally in recent games - plus the
Charlotte duo hasn't exactly produced eye-catching
Got to wonder, though, how much of this has to do with
Chris Webber. It's no secret that Webber wants to come
back but he also wants to have a meaningful role.
Webber was upset at Saunders during the playoffs last
year for not getting him the ball more often and
sitting him out in numerous fourth quarters.
Flip doesn't want C-Webb back and Joe D. is lukewarm
at best to the notion of a return engagement.
So Flip and Joe make a proactive move - let Amir play
and justify that three-year contract he got; then, if
he plays well, Webber gets the message that there's no
spot for him. If Amir plays like he did in Philly,
Webber can stop holding out hope of wearing the
Pistons uni again.


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