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Saturday, January 26, 2008


The Contra Costa Times in California is reporting that
the Golden State Warriors are in serious negotiations
with Chris Webber.
Talk about coming full circle. Webber was traded on
draft night from Orlando to Golden State in 1993 but
feuded with Don Nelson and was traded after his rookie
season to Washington. Guess who's coaching the
Warriors now?
C-Webb and Nellie met this week to iron out their
differences. Now, it's just a matter of working out
the financial details and opening up a roster spot for
Really, I can't fathom why the run-and-gun Warriors
think Webber will fit in there. He would have been
great in that system before he wreck his knee but
Webber has trouble getting up and down the court in a
slow-paced game now. Didn't they see him lumbering
around in the playoffs last season?
I think Webber should have taken the Lakers up on
their one-year offer. The playing time is there until
Andrew Bynum recovers from his injuries.
Meanwhile, Amir Johnson has been very active as a
shotblocker and rebounder since Flip Saunders put him
in the rotation prior to the Philly game. As I've said
all along, the Pistons don't need Webber.


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