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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wrote a column the other day about Chauncey Billups. I almost wrote about Orlando and how it's been underrated all season by most people, including myself.
I don't think the Magic can win the series but it would be wrong to simply dismiss their Game 1 win over Cleveland as a fluke. Orlando nearly won 60 games this season despite losing its point guard in midstream.
Everyone talks about Dwight Howard but what really makes the Magic difficult to play are their forwards. I'm not a big fan of the whole point forward concept but Hedo Turkoglu does that better than anyone in the league. Rashard Lewis is a dangerous offensive player - and should be, considering the size of his paycheck. He made a cold-blooded 3-pointer to win the game after LeBron got a cheap call which led to a 3-point play.
Their trio of shooting guards isn't bad. J.R. Redick played surprisingly well defensively against Ray Allen and Courtney Lee is a promising young player. But the guy who's really emerged is Mickael Pietrus, who has always shown flashes of ability and great athleticism. He never really put it together in Golden State and got hurt in his first year with Orlando but has really emerged in the postseason.


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