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Saturday, May 23, 2009


LeBron James' last-second miracle shot reminded me of Christian Laettner's buzzer-beating vs. Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA Tournament. Why? Because the coach and/or players on the opposing team forgot one important fact - the best way to prevent those shots is to distract the inbounder. Grant Hill had a clear look when he heaved the ball to Laettner.
Mo Williams didn't have quite that luxury but Rashard Lewis backed off an at angle while guarding the inbound. Was he afraid of a lob pass? Whatever the reason, if I were Stan Van Gundy, I would have told Lewis to get as close to Williams as possible and wave those long arms of his. No way would LeBron have had such a clean catch and shot. As it was, the Cavs only had to run a simple inbounds play with LeBron coming off a screen.
There's been some criticism of Hedo Turkoglu for backing off but I think he did all he could. If he had so much as breathed on LeBron in that situation, the officials would have tooted their whistles.


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