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Friday, April 3, 2009


You just knew this was coming.
The Pistons just released a statement, saying Allen Iverson would miss the remainder of the season. The official reason, according to a Joe Dumars statement, is that he was "still feeling some discomfort" in his back. But we all know the truth. He had no desire to be a sixth man and complained all week about it after coming off the bench for three games.
With the team desperately trying to making the playoffs, it didn't need the additional drama created by AI's unhappiness with being a bench player. Will Bynum and Arron Afflalo, two young, hungry players, will benefit in the short term.
In the long team, obviously, the Pistons will take Iverson's expiring contract and use the $21.9 million on free agents and trades.
The question now is will AI play again in the league? He obviously won't accept anything less than being a starter and a main cog in the attack. Who will want to deal with an aging AI's ego and belief that he's still an All-Star? That will be one of the interesting sideshows of the summer.


Blogger Larry Baker said...

Well, AI was certainly exposed. The tough-guy, gladiator image has taken a bit of a hit. He's so tough that he can't stand the emotional pain of coming off the bench. There's no "i" in in "pride", er, "team".

I'm afraid Joe D. was exposed as well. Yes, as we know ad nauseum, AI's contract comes off the books this summer, but the pretense of competing this season with the rookie coach, selfish superstar, enigmatic Rasheed, etc. was pretty cynical. I would have a little more respect for the beat writers if one of them laid this seaon's mess at his doorstep rather than rip the guy they new was headed out of town. I am hoping that Joe can pull off a quick turn around, but for this season, he and Coach Curry have earned "F" grades.

April 3, 2009 at 8:10 PM 

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