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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Has Allen Iverson played his last game in a Pistons uniform?
Iverson remains out indefinitely with a mysterious back injury. He has missed 11 consecutive games, coinciding with head coach Michael Curry’s decision to make him a bench player.
Iverson met with doctors at Georgetown University Wednesday and will undergo a more extensive examination the next two days.
Even if he’s cleared to practice after the tests, Iverson would need at least a week to get back in condition to play. If Iverson is not cleared to practice soon, the Pistons might reach the point - perhaps at the end of the month - where they’d shut down Iverson for the rest of the season.
You have to wonder how seriously Iverson is hurt. Despite several tests, the only thing we've heard is the vague prognosis of a sore back.
When Iverson returns from D.C., it would behoove him to meet with the media and assure everyone he hasn't quit on the team and the season.
In any case, Iverson will not return next season. He becomes an unrestricted free agent in July, and the Pistons will use the salary-cap space created by his expiring contract to upgrade the roster with younger players.


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