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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Boston shut down Kevin Garnett for the rest of the regular season. It's time for the Pistons to do the same with Allen Iverson - not because he's injured but for the sake of team chemistry.
The Pistons put up with Iverson sitting out a month with a mysterious back injury and his insistence on getting outside opinions on his condition. All along, the speculation was that he simply didn't want to come off the bench as a sixth man, a spot that Michael Curry moved him to just before his back supposedly flared up.
In both of the games he's played since his return, Iverson has complained about being put in that role. The first time, he essentially said he felt a player of his stature was too good to be placed in that spot. After the game against Cleveland Tuesday, he fumed about playing just 18 minutes and said the team rushed him back into action.
The Pistons didn't rush him back. In fact, they'd probably be happy if he took the rest of the season off. They're fighting for a playoff spot - they don't Iverson whining after every game about his role.
I've said it numerous times this season - the Iverson deal was a trade the Pistons had to make. They have over $20 million in salary-cap room this summer to reshape the roster, thanks to Iverson's expiring contract. But the on-court results this year have been a disaster. The sooner Iverson sheds his Pistons uniform, the better.


Blogger malika13 said...

Your statements are bs. Did everyone forget that the pistons had their longest winning streak this season (7 games) when AI was starting and rip was out with the groin injury. Face it, the pistons suck. They played horrible when rip returned and ai was injured. stuckey can't handle the pg position. When rip plays he averages more assists than stuckey. then when rip n ai was out ty was averaging more assists than stuckey. Their backcourt rarely scores, gets out muscled and out rebounded on most nights. chauncey was the leader, made all the decisions and now the group is lost. the pistons main problem is they can't/don't push the ball. They still want to play the slow half court game and everyone else in the league is moving at a faster pace; that's why the pistons have been stagnated since 2004

April 1, 2009 at 6:32 PM 

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