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Monday, February 23, 2009


The Pistons' loss to Cleveland Sunday night was beyond embarrassing. It was downright disgraceful.
The effort was lacking, the execution was putrid. Their poor defensive rotation left shooters wide open on the perimeter and there was no ball movement on offense.
Most of all, their body language spoke of a team that had already given up on the season. Slumped shoulders, blank looks, no hustle plays, it was all there on display before a national television audience.
I feel bad for Antonio McDyess, who thought he was coming back to a contender when he gave up $9 million to resign with the club. Otherwise, the Pistons are getting what they deserve.
I've finally come around to the notion that the Pistons would be better off not making the playoffs. They need all the pieces they can get to rebuild this club. A lottery pick is also a lot more easier to trade in a larger package. And who knows, they could get real lucky like the Bulls did last June and wind up with a top three selection. At this point, the only positive developments with the Pistons are going to come after the season.


Blogger Larry Baker said...

You nailed it, Dana. The bottom has really dropped out. There is very little going on to hold the interest of the common fan. The brand is taking ahead which has to be worrisome to the bean counters at the Palace. What can these marketing wizards even promote during season ticket renewals. Salary cap space? Good luck.

February 23, 2009 at 11:00 AM 

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