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Friday, February 20, 2009


The Pistons' slide could take on avalanche proportions during their five-game road trip.
They head out of town with a five-game losing streak and now have to play Cleveland, Miami, New Orleans, Orlando and Boston. See any wins on that list? Not to mention that the first home game after that stretch is Chauncey Billups' return to The Palace with his division-leading Denver Nuggets.
Right now, the Pistons have one player who brings it every night and can be counted on for production - Antonio McDyess. When the Pistons were down one in the final minute against San Antonio Thursday, I told my elbow mates at press row that they should run a play for McDyess. Instead, the ball went to Rasheed Wallace, who last hit a big shot - well, you tell me. Maybe the 60-foot heave against Denver two years ago? Wallace faded away for no particular reason and missed a 17-footer.
The biggest culprit in this meltdown, though, has to be Rodney Stuckey. When the Pistons moved 10 games above .500 last month, Stuckey was playing like Deron Williams. Now, he's playing like Kevin Ollie. Stuckey has scored five points the last two games. He's so discombobulated, he's not even trying to attack anymore. And in three of the last five games, he's recorded exactly one assist.
Stuckey, who missed the first two months of last season with a hand injury, has hit a rookie wall a year late. If he doesn't find a second wind real soon, the Pistons will be going home in April.


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