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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Stephon Marbury and his enormous contract are sitting on the inactive list these days, courtesy of new coach Mike D'Antoni. In D'Antoni's offense, the point guard must have a pass-first mentality and kick up the tempo. That's why Chris Duhon was signed as a free agent. Meanwhile, Marbury is growing increasingly frustrated with his situation. No one's going to trade for him, so he'll either be bought out or simply released. Next question would be - who would pick up Marbury? My gut says Miami, which is starting rookie Mario Chalmers at the point.
Marbury isn't the only big-name point man in exile. Jamaal Tinsley is still on Indiana's roster but he's not even with the team. The Pacers are trying to trade him but his contract is very hard to move.
By the way, have you seen what the Bulls are doing? Former starters Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon are coming off the bench. That's got to be the best pair of reserve guards in the NBA.


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