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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Class is in session with Michael Curry as head coach.
Players will be given offensive and defensive grades for each game on a scale of 0-100. They'll get points for doing their job correctly and minuses for missteps, including technicals.
"On a possession in which Rasheed (Wallace) gets a technical, he'll get a minus on that possession," Curry explained. "It's no different than a possession when someone didn't close out and contest a shot."
Curry has also come up with 16 Keys to Winning Basketball, though even he gets them mixed up at times. Curry said on Wednesday that Rule No. 1 was Be Professional. He then amended that after practice Thursday, saying that was Rule No. 2. Rule No. 1 is No Excuses. Two others are Always Be The Aggressor and Leave the Refs Alone.
The other 12? He'll reveal those one at a time.



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