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Monday, August 4, 2008


For Kwame Brown, the Pistons are a perfect fit. He's finally in a place where he's not the most reviled Kwame in town.
I was as surprised as anyone when the Pistons signed the enigmatic Brown to a two-year deal. I thought they might not even use their mid-level exception after striking out on several small forwards.
The Pistons have a good track record of turning other teams' trash into treasures and Brown is still only in his mid-20s. He's finally in a situation where the team won't ask much of him. All he has to do, unless Rasheed Wallace or Antonio McDyess gets traded, is play 12-15 minutes a game off the bench.
Brown actually gets some pretty good marks for his defense. Coming into the Pistons' environment, under a no-frills coach like Michael Curry, might be just what he needs to jump start his disappointing career.
The only other moves the Pistons have made is to sign a third-string point guard (Will Bynum) and re-sign a third-string small forward (Walter Herrmann). Curry will give Herrmann a chance to compete for playing time but it still looks like Arron Afflalo will gobble up most of the minutes at backup shooting guard and small forward.


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