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Friday, June 20, 2008


Looks like Tayshaun Prince will be one of the 12 players chosen for the Olympic team. I'm not terribly surprised, even though a lot of Pistons fans are frustrated by the way he played in the conference finals.
The last U.S. Olympic team didn't have a lot of situational players and it cost them. Prince will be used as a defender/extra ballhandler when the situation dictates. For all of his offensive shortcomings in the conference finals, Prince did a much better job guarding Paul Pierce than the Lakers did in the Finals. And his defense against Andre Iguodala and Hedo Turkoglu were keys to the first- and second-round triumphs.
On a very different subject, the NBA draft is less than a week away. The PIstons are picking late in the first and second rounds, so they're not going to find a major impact player that way.
Many people were hoping that the Pistons could solve their backup small forward problem in this draft but they probably won't. There's an unusual lack of quality wing players, especially where they're picking. It's much more likely they'll add a piece to their power positions. A majority of the players projected to go in the bottom third of the first round are power forwards and/or centers.


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