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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Wow, how things can turn around in one game.
After the Pistons' road win at Boston in Game 2, many
fans here were already thinking of a Lakers-Pistons
Finals. The Celtics' convincing victory in Game 3
Saturday night has everyone singing a different tune -
how can the Pistons possibly recover?
It's unlikely. They now have to win again in Boston
and not squander another game at home.
Most alarming is the condition of Chauncey Billups. He
looked fine in Game 2 and engineered a brilliant
offensive performance by his club.
But he couldn't sustain it and the hamstring he
strained in the second round was clearly affecting
him. He was slow and uncomfortable from the opening
tap. He was passing up shots and hanging around the
perimeter, rather than attacking the basket.
Rodney Stuckey is growing up before our eyes but the
Pistons can't win this series without getting more
from Billups.
One silver lining: The Celtics were in control most of
the way in their two victories, especially Game 3. Put
some heat on them and their facade of invincibility
crumbles. The Pistons have to get off to better starts
to keep the pressure on the Celtics throughout the


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