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Thursday, May 1, 2008


As readers of my column know by now, I'm not a Larry
Brown fan. He's the only coach I've ever seen who was
miserable coaching a high-quality, low-maintenance
team. He squeezed every nickel and dime he could out
of his ugly exits from the Pistons and Knicks.
But I can't fault the Charlotte Bobcats for hiring
Brown as their coach. Actually, it's a prudent move.
The Bobcats haven't captured the fancy of the
Charlotte fans since the NBA gave them another team.
Their attendance has been pitiful, even after they
built a brand new arena in the middle of the downtown
They've never been more than a blip on the radar
screen nationally because they haven't made the
Brown's hiring draws attention to the franchise and
makes the average fan think, or perhaps delude, that
they're serious about winning. In terms of media
coverage and ticket sales, it's a win-win proposition
to bring in a Hall of Fame coach.
Avery Johnson's firing in Dallas wasn't all that
surprising after two straight first-round exits. You
know Mark Cuban wants a big name and Rick Carlisle
could be it. Problem is, the Jason Kidd experiment
failed and the aging Mavs need some fresh legs,
especially at the point. That's why dealing Devin
Harris was a dumb move in the first place.


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