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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The Pistons didn't have to wait until the last day of the season after all to learn of their first-round opponent. Toronto's win over Miami Monday night, couple with Philadelphia's controversial, last-second loss to Cleveland, assured a Pistons-Sixers matchup.
That's not the best-care scenario. The Pistons likely would have swept the Raptors, who slumped in the second half and got beat by Detroit's 'B' squad at The Palace Sunday. Philly defeated the Pistons in the last two meetings, though the last one was a throwout because the starters played limited minutes and Rip Hamilton didn't play at all.
Andre Miller is a much tougher matchup for Chauncey Billups than the Raptors' point guards and the Sixers have a lot of young athletes who can run the break and crash the boards. Andre Iguodala is a borderline All-Star, much like his counterpart, Tayshaun Prince. And the Sixers have an improved bench, led by rookie Thad Young, Louis Williams and Rodney Carney.
But most of the Sixers don't have any playoff experience. The Pistons can also turn it up several notches in the playoffs, while the Sixers were playing at max level during their second-half surge.
Philly might steal one at home but that's about it. The Pistons have way too much talent and depth to get a serious challenge from the Sixers.


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