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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Curious ongoings before the Pistons' shootaround in Toronto this morning.
The media was banned from going into the locker room for a few minutes while the Pistons held a team meeting. Afterward, they were vague about what was going on.
I didn't appear to be anything major, like a rift between Flip Saunders and the players or in-fighting among the team. It was more of re-focusing, if you will. Apparently, some players had been coasting or blowing off stretchng exercises, weight-room work, etc.
Richard Hamilton and Juan Dixon both suffered injuries in recent days - Hamilton a sore hip, Dixon a strained calf. Dixon hasn't been around long enough for anyone to get mad at him, so Rip was probably one, if not the main, target.
The last thing the Pistons want is for people to coast into the playoffs and lose their sharpness when they need it most.
"Just something that needed to be said," Tayshaun Prince said. "Trying to gear up for these last 12 games or so, just to kind of finish off the right way."
Hamilton, by the way, is doubtful to play tonight. He and Dixon worked on the side with strength coach Arnie Kander during the shootaround.


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