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Monday, October 20, 2008


President of basketball operations Joe Dumars didn't make a lot of changes or moves this offseason after hiring Michael Curry as head coach. But he'll have a very active summer this year, the way things are shaping up.
Jason Maxiell's agent has said publicly that his client won't sign an extension by the end of the training camp. The Pistons have offered Maxiell a three-year, $15 million deal.
Unless there's a change of heart, Maxiell will become a restricted free agent. This is a pretty big gamble by Maxiell. The market for restricted free agents is pretty thin because offer sheets can be matched by the original team. Also, there's a good possibility that Maxiell won't play as much this year as he did last season. The plan right now is for Maxiell to share a rotation spot with Kwame Brown, while Antonio McDyess will be the primary 'big' off the bench.
Maxiell could sign a one-year contract with Detroit in the summer and then become an unrestricted free agent but he may have been wiser to take the $5 million per and run.
Rasheed Wallace's contract expires and if he's not traded during the season, Dumars will have to decide whether to keep Sheed around a couple more years or shop for another center.
Richard Hamilton can, and probably will, opt out of his contract after the season. Do you lock up Hamilton or find another player to replace him at a reduced price, in order to secure a quality big man?
Decisions, decisions. But, as usual, the Pistons are in good shape in terms of the salary cap. The team is $2 million under the luxury tax threshold this season despite having so many vets making big money.
"We will be in position this summer to do everything we need to do from a financial standpoint and still be as we've always been, very prudent and responsible in our salary structure," Dumars said. "We'll continue to be in great shape from a financial standpoint."


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