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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Antonio McDyess' decision to join San Antonio creates a serious problem for the Pistons but will be a boon for McDyess and the Spurs.
I hate to see McDyess go in many ways - terrific, hard-working player, even better person. He'll be missed greatly in the Pistons' locker room. Heck, they missed him the month he had to sit out last season after being traded to Denver and then getting bought out.
McDyess left $9 million on the table to rejoin the Pistons, thinking they still had a shot to win a title. That's $9 million. He would have had to sacrifice $2 or $3 million next season to stay on board with Detroit instead of signing a mid-level with San Antonio. The Pistons owed him - not the other way around - so they were fortunate McDyess even considered coming back.
As long as Gregg Popovich doesn't overuse him, as Michael Curry did, McDyess will be an ideal partner for Tim Duncan. Think about it - Duncan has won championships with the likes of Nazr Mohammed starting alongside him. Dice is the best frontcourt partner he's had since David Robinson.
The Spurs also traded for Richard Jefferson this offseason. I rate them the second- or third-best team in the West now, behind the Lakers and alongside young and talented Portland.
As for the Pistons, their power forwards and centers consist of Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell and Kwame Brown, along with a couple of second-round picks. Yikes. I have to believe Richard Hamilton, or Tayshaun Prince, will be dealt for a center at some point this offseason. A low-level free agent signing isn't going to be enough.


Blogger CarolinaGirl said...

This BULL SH!!!!!!! Im sick of the executives/office personnel not considering the feelings and investments of fans!!! I feel that @ least 5 fans should be consulted before such deals are made. Got damsels, Joe u just made the worst move eva trading Chauncey last year. You should have delt Rasheed Wallace, Amir, Maxeel, and whomever else 2 seasons ago.! This is wack. Now I have to follow the STANKIN< RANKIN> SPURS! Are you kidding me? @ least
Antonio will be closer to his home in Houston!!!! I may have to draft another team. My PISTONS are dispursiing. This is horrible. These actions are JOE DUMARS AND RASHEED WALLACE FAULT FOR BEINIG SO SLACK FOR SO MANY YEARS (RASHEED)!

July 9, 2009 at 10:21 AM 

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