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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The Pistons officially re-signed Antonio McDyess today but that's the second-biggest news flash involving the Pistons.
Head coach Michael Curry continues to tinker with his starting lineup. He's going small now, with Tayshaun Prince at power forward and Rodney Stuckey at the point. Kwame Brown heads to the bench.
I'm skeptical on this one. Curry has been surprisingly impatient during the first 20 games. He groomed Amir Johnson to be a starter throughout camp, then removed him during the early West Coast trip in favor of Brown. Now, he's taking an entirely different approach.
I understand that he wants a true point in the lineup dishing the ball to Allen Iverson and Richard Hamilton on the wings. But wasn't Iverson supposed to give the Pistons a different dimension at the point? Instead, Prince was taken out of his comfort zone by becoming a point forward.
What's really mindboggling is that Curry kept emphasizing that he needed Stuckey and McDyess to be the leading scorers of the second unit. Then, just as McDyess comes back, he makes Stuckey a starter.
He's now got four power forwards and centers (McDyess, Jason Maxiell, Johnson and Brown) coming off the bench. How is he going to find adequate minutes for even three of them? And will Stuckey stay in the game and play longer minutes to run pick-and-rolls with McDyess? How is he going to find enough time for Arron Afflalo and Walter Herrmann, whom Curry says deserve more playing time?
From my vantage point, sticking with the original plan (Johnson starts) would have been the best course of action. Right now, in terms of the rotation, your guess is as good as mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the recent big (mistake) change. Does anyone think that the Iverson trade will have a positive return on investment? The Pistons may struggle just to get to the playoffs. Factor in the "implosor", Rasheed Wallace, and you have a recipe for a disaster looming before the season is even half over. What was Dumars thinking?

December 17, 2008 at 4:50 PM 

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